22 May 2015


Happy Friday style lovers! More importantly happy Memorial Day weekend or should I say happy three day weekend? Ha! So as I've stated before I am looking to collaborate with fashion bloggers on casual Friday themed post incorporating chambray/ denim looks in mind or a look that you may deem a casual Friday look. So I am very happy to kick off this collaboration with the oh so fabulous Ms. Chanda, blogger over at www.mschanda.com.

18 May 2015


Happy Monday style lovers! A new week is upon us so I figure I might as well start it off on a positive note. I am personally challenging myself to kick the cola habit that I've had for years. Nothing like an ice cold Cola on a hot summer day but why does it have to be so darn addicting?  My goodness. So since I am an active mother frequently on the go I'm putting it out and there in an attempt to hold myself accountable plus I wanted to show you my latest favorite set from Fabletics.

14 May 2015


Hey style lovers it's Thursday and we have a little bit of sunshine in Houston! Yes! I thought we were just going turn into a big swamp here soon if the rain didn't take a break. Today on the blog I am remixing the top that I wore to the Calvin Klein Curator Launch at an interior design and home staging firm earlier this week. If you read my previous post then you know what I'm talking about. 

So I went on the hunt for a black and white striped shirt to pair with this lovely printed midi skirt. When I purchased this flared number I was inspired by a black and wide striped tube top that I'd worn recently but I decided that I wanted to wear sleeves. So the hunt for the black and white striped shirt commenced. The only problem was that I didn't have a lot of time ha! This is the look I'd intended to wear to the CK launch.

So as I was headed to Old Navy for a striped shirt I simply couldn't pass up H &M on the way. Ha! There's always a cute little something in that store. I came across this striped and lace combo of a shirt within five minutes of walking into the store for less than then dollars and quickly proceeded to the check out. My time was limited so I decided that this was a score.

After all of that I decided to wear it with a basic black pencil wrap skirt from NY & Co. All I can say is I'm a woman and that's what we do! We change our minds. The pretty much all black look that I wore is on my instagram here.  Stay fab!

Top Here

08 May 2015


Hey style lovers, TGIF! So I'm just going to jump right in there and admit that after many, many years of doing laundry I still have my moments where I occasionally destroy the laundry. Not a stepford wife by far. I cook, clean and then clean some more but who am I kidding? Life is to be lived and I refuse to live it in the laundry room and kitchen.