07 April 2015


Happy Tuesday! Hope your week started off perfect. I've had my hands full with obligations and still I am behind. Story of my life! So anyway straight to the point. So obviously enough I do a good amount of online shopping. With that being said online shopping can be absolutely fabulous and then at times and can be an absolute nightmare. First the good! I am totally loving the edgy Jenny Bird necklace from Rocksbox.com. Love it! The neck clasp is a little different than what I am used to but with the right color and style this necklace is nothing short or fabulous!

Then there's this menswear inspired LBD that I ordered online from sheinside.com. This dress is one of the pieces from my second (and last) order from sheinside.com. My first order was exactly one  year ago and as far as the two items that I ordered are concerned they are cute. Sized a bit small but otherwise OK. Fast forward to my most recent order, hashtag epic fail! First off I ordered a heart print mid sleeve shirt and instead of that received a pair of denim bottoms that cannot be buttoned because there isn't a hole for the button on the pants and secondly they fit my elementary age daughter.

OMG and then there's the fact that the three of the other four items have thread hanging or are otherwise awkward. Total waste. Now being the styled obsessed individual that I am I can still make the pieces work but not without putting in work first. This menswear inspired LBD is one of the items that arrived with multiple threads hanging. Luckily I was able to solve that issue but who has time for that? Since the return process isn't attractive at all I didn't even bother. Initially I wanted my money back but I realized very quickly that the customer service is not about the customer or service. So end result I do not recommend ordering from sheinside.com. If so proceed with caution. They biggest factor when ordering online to consider is whether or not the company offers free return shipping and honest online reviews such as today's post offer the most valuable insight. Stay fab!

Necklace: Rocksbox.com
Dress: Sheinside.com
Clutch: NY & Co (old)
Heels: Justfab.com (sold out)

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