22 April 2015


Hey Style Lovers! So the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration was totally bananas! I love it when Target does collabs with designers and it's not just because I want the opportunity to say " I own a Lilly Pulitzer swimsuit either! Nor do I want to be or imitate the so called prep community that swears by Lilly Pulitzer. I purchase from the collabs that I love. Hello I am a self proclaimed style lover! Let's be real when Target does such collabs it is not because the designer wants to reach out to the commoner social class. It's because Target wants to reach out to the designer driven customer who is possibly on a Target budget but will splurge in the name of fashion. I have no problem admitting that I am the consumer who often, very often chooses the bargain.

However I must say that the madness that carried on for the Target "designer" items had me in awe. Complete shock and awe! The quality of the items that I purchased feel quite the same as your everyday H&M ,Old Navy, Mossimo branded jumpsuit. Honestly the hype is quite over rated. Don't get me wrong I do love the pieces that I managed to snag for my daughter and my self through the kindness of a Target employee and other customers whom I bonded with while we stalked the ladies dressing room. Ha! The fact that there were third trimester pregnant moms there standing with me was quite hilarious! One of the moms to be, all decked out in her designer Lilly Pulitzer shirt and $80 Lilly Pulitzer flip flops, mentioned that she is going on a luxurious vacation next year and she wants to wear her Lilly Pulitzer. I have to be real and state that my initial thoughts in my head were "you want to wear your Lilly Pulitzer for Target."   

In effort of keeping it totally real this is the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line not the Lilly Pulitzer line where a printed maxi will break you by a good $198! On the other hand I get her point because the Lilly Pulitzer fabrics are quite breath taking. Especially for vacation. That's totally what I had in mind when strategically looking for specific pieces. In my opinion the Target designer collaborations are pretty awesome but we mustn't lose sight of the fact that these "designer" brands that we are purchasing are nothing more than collaborations. Collaborations that sell insanely by designer name only. Thus the ridiculous hoarding is pretty silly.

Anyway, so as you can see, I snagged the strapless jumpsuit in the upstream print and I love it. The sizing ran just a little bit larger in my opinion as I am wearing an extra small. Again I am a small girl with curves so this may not necessarily be accurate. I tried on the satin jumpsuit in the boom boom print in a size medium and it looked like I was wearing a tropical potato sack! So there's my Lilly Pulitzer rant in a nutshell. Oh and in the case that you are foaming at the mouth steaming mad that you missed out, don't fret! As there are plenty of (new with tags) mark ups online everywhere. Ha! How do you feel about the Target designer collabs?

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