19 April 2015


Hey Style lovers! Hope you are having a fabulous start to your week. I most definitely am! I am feeling some sort of way. You know that whole over it feeling. So I figured I might as well type it up. Lately I have not felt like putting forth anymore fake energy towards individuals who seem to give off negative or indecisive energy.

So many individuals are put into our lives or cross our paths for several different reasons. Many of those individuals are very much so fr-enemies and in my opinion the energy and time that goes into befriending someone just to hate them or poke fun at them is so far below mediocrity it's seriously ridiculous.

I've met quite a few fashion minded ladies in the past few years. Many of whoms personal style I simply adored. However that whole desire to stand out and potentially portray a more keen sense of style is pretty much the foundation and the demise of fashion focused friendships. That whole competitive nature to be on top; to be the best, is simply unattractive.

The funniest thing about this whole bit of confusion between competitive women by nature is that most hardly speak words to one another but the desire to be on top will leave one hating the other and implying that through her actions. Sometimes through a little bit of keyboard courage.

So in my opinion it is totally necessary to ask ourselves whathe exact basis is of our hateful, mindless or self-absorded online rants. The very things that begin the demise of friendships, common purposes, etc. Most of us will likely find that the person we are hating did absolutely nothing. The problem is within self and the self serving desire to be on top. Beyonce said it best...pretty hurts. So with all of that said never ever dumb yourself down, ugly yourself a bit or dress down for others. You can not help what has been handed to you so you must totally own it when you receive it. Let the others hate and remain in their self absorbed bubble. My thoughts on all of this is to take heart and to keep things moving forward.

In more important news I wore this look around town in L.A. doing the whole tourist thing with a different bag and sandals. I just wanted to show this look here because I love it! Stay fab style lovers.

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