21 April 2015


Happy Tuesday shoesday style lovers! I am pretty excited to attend the 2nd Annual Get Fit or Get Fat Day of Wellness. I love the name "Get Fit or Get Fat." It really is that simple because if you are somewhere between fit or fat you really only have two choices, right? That is unless you are a highly metabolic twenty something! Ha, and if that is the case then the whole "Get Fit or Get Fat" notion will apply to you later in life for sure. Trust me, I know!

As I've stated before, I never thought twice about what I ate or how many steps I took in one day until after I gave birth to my first child. That child of mine had the nerve to enter this world at a whole nine pounds and one ounce at 22 inches long! I gained a good eighty pounds with him and it took me all of seventeen months to lose it. I was so happy to see my size two denim bottoms come back to the front
of my closet.

Fast forward to my daughter, again another seventy pounds! That took me another eighteen months to get off! Then came the work related stress. I really didn't realize I was gaining weight in 2011 until I switched positions at work. Sitting at a desk for eight plus hours in a less than positive environment can become very mundane to say the least. Once I came to reality and put my weight gain into perspective (get fit or get fat perspective, ha) I joined the gym and began to shed but not fast enough because I was still under work related stress. I'm talking workplace misery!

I am glad to say that after leaving my job in 2013 my normal weight has just about returned. I am still approximately thirteen pounds heavier than I was after I lost the baby weight from my daughter. Though I'd only gotten up to a size eight, sometimes ten it was a lot of weight on my frame. I seriously was that girl who could NOT gain weight and I went back to a size two after gaining eighty pounds of baby weight by simply staying consistent in the gym for just one month.

Now it's more about accountability. I am a self admitted chocoholic and I love a cold cola but as with life I am a work in progress. Currently at a size six  and blessed with the curves that my babies gave me I am content but  I would like to have my tone back.

So I am really looking forward to the fitness panel and information this Saturday! Tickets are available at www.getfitorgetfat.com. If you're in Houston and wellness is important you should come. I'll be there hope to see you there too!

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