26 March 2015


Hey, hey, hey it's Thursday! Two things I've learned or maybe I should say re-learned this week. Ha! Those two things are to let go and live on.

The thing here is that matters of the heart are the only matters that will likely never make sense. Sometimes we simply can't make sense of the way we feel about a person, place or thing. We just know what we feel for sure. Right?
It's those exact emotions that will likely cause us to sometimes think or do things irrationally. Being irrational is never a good thing. Never ever. So with that, we as individuals must take constant responsibility of what we will and will not allow ourselves to feel.

Most importantly we must allow ourselves to be just that. Ourselves! No matter how someone makes you feel, no matter the length that someone may go to try and make you feel a certain way and no matter how much someone may love or hate your style you have to control what you will allow yourself to feel.
Keep in mind that the goal of a intrinsically miserable individual is likely to make others miserable. This is when you must remain in your zone. Recently I had to remind myself of these very words and no one is valuable enough to ever take me out of my blissful zone
So always, always kick your heels up, embrace and love who you are. Right your wrongs and bless others BUT never ever sacrifice your happiness or who you are for anyone. Frankly, if anyone is asking for such he or she is likely one selfish individual. Recognize that!
So in more important events I am totally loving this hi- lo top from Nastygal.com. It's a pretty edgy piece as the front has some open wrap action going on and I love it! Perfect for the little taste of cool front weather that we received this morning. Enough with my preaching, look deets below! Stay fabulous!

Nine West InStyle D' orsay pumps

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