30 March 2015


Happy Monday style lovers! So we all know the infamous style quotes such as Fashions fade. Style is eternal. -Yves Saint Laurent and Fashion Fades only style remains the same. -Coco Chanel.

This is true. Which is the reason I prefer to refer to myself more so as a style blogger than a fashion blogger. When the term fashion blogger comes to mind many envision a blog that caters to high fashioned big name designers.

Obviously enough IHH isn't that blog. Style is simply something that an individual possess. Take note that I stated "an individual." Style is something an individual either has or doesn't. In my opinion personal style has everything to do with an individual's comfort level with self.

So anyway if you read the blog you are pretty familiar with the fact that I enjoy creating and doing things myself. So when Idakoos.com contacted me to collaborate with them by creating my own shirt I already knew what I wanted to create. A statement style lover tee because Duh!

Idakoos.com is an online apparel custom design site based out of Miami Florida. Since I consider myself more style than fashion I and I often refer to those that take the time to read my post as style lovers. So I felt the need to put it on a t-shirt!

Idakoos.com is a custom design site that allows you to create your own statement tee. Statement tops are currently very trendy. Everyone has rocked one or two. Personally I love them and the fact that you can dress them up or dress them down.

I chose to pair my custom top with this colorful and trendy skirt from nastygal. In fact this entire look was inspired by the way the different strokes skirt is styled onsite at nastygal.

So if you feel like making a statement get your custom statement t-shirt on. Feel free to check out the site Idakoos.com to create your own tee, hoodie, etc. Now get your coffee on and make it a great week! Stay Fab!

Check out Ikadoos site Here 

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