06 February 2015


Happy Friday style lovers! Hope you've had a fabulous week! As for me my week was everything but fab! Finally I am feeling better after battling an ugly stomach bug for the last four days. I basically had no other choice but to surrender. Nothing reminds you to slow down more than a vicious little stomach virus. I'm pretty sure it was something that I ate it started Sunday night and went downhill from there but I am back!

So here we are in the month of love and all that other stuff! I am excited to celebrate another year with the hubby. He surprised me with a few gifts after we both agreed to keep it simple and focus on home projects for our anniversy. So I guess that means that I'm a very good wifey! Haa!

I must admit that I am feeling pretty good as I get better organized. My personality just cannot function in disorder. I absolutely must have order...absolutely. I attribute this to the fact that I have pretty much been in control of my life since I moved out at the age of eighteen.

Not only did I move out, I moved out and moved to another state and totally found my independence at a very young age. If you can't already tell, I have to tell you I love life and I truly believe in doing what makes you happy. However only you can determine the measure of happy that you allow in your life. Keep it fab! Look deets below.

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