10 February 2015


Alrighty so the CoolKids of IHH have really fallen off of their game as they have not shared the super cool fashion sense since the beginning of the school year. It just so happens that CoolKid number two is wearing her fave Fabkids top as she wore earlier this year but what we are really showing here are the super cute Fabkids metallic leggings.
They are soooo ca-ute! Seriously if I owned a pair I'd rock them. The metallic pink screams spring with the shimmer that comes along with the mettalic look. The fit is perfect. Not too long and not too short.
The material is very flexible as well as this Coolkid jumped, twirled and everything else while we were just trying to snap shots!  Mother nature is giving us spring vibes and we are so happy about that. If you've got a mini me and you love style then you know the deal. Keep it fab.

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