27 February 2015


Happy Fri-yay! So there's nothing that comes between a woman and her closet worse than the undeniably necessary yet dreaded purge. As if I haven't said it enough, I'm cleaning out my closet! So far my goal to declutter my life in 2015 is going great.  

Then I came across these Jessica Simpson boots that I forgot that I owned. I've had these boots since 2009 I think. I purchased them at Macys. I definitely have not worn them much at all. That's what happens when you have too much of a good thing, right?
So what did I do? Like any other woman I wore them out today to see if I still loved them and of course I do. [Insert shoe addict here.] Since I am still emotionally attached I will keep them a little while longer.

Chunky heels are the perfect mix of comfy and stylish when running errands.The color and the cut of the leather are just on point! Now I need to find the perfect site to post my items for sale on. Take it easy style lovers! Have a great weekend!

Leopard Infinity Scarf: Old (similar here)
Cardigan: NY & Co (similar here)
Skinny Jeans: JCP (here)
Boots: Jessica Simpson (similar here)

21 February 2015


I am so excited to receive and share what's in my first Rocksbox.com box C/O Rocksbox! With Rocksbox you have the option to borrow jewelry before you buy. For a monthly subscription fee of $19 Rocksbox members receive a highly curated box of designer jewelry with the option to borrow, buy or swap at anytime. Rocksbox.com features 30 + designers including Kendra Scott, House of Harlow, Gorjana, and Lauren Hope. So chic, right?! You can totally score a free month of Rocksbox.com on me! When you sign up simply use the code inherheelsxoxo to avoid a first month subscription fee but hold up the party doesn't stop there after your first 30 days you will receive a 50% discount on your monthly fee with the code inherheelsxoxo towards your second month. Upon completion of sign up a stylist will select a strategic box of fabulous jewelry for you based off of your style survey picks. So the steps are to complete your style survey, input your necessary information to complete your subscription (don't forget my code) and simply wait for your confirmation email of your first rocksbox!
 So my first box was styled with Sophie Harper taner bar mini studs. Studs in my opinion can make a big statement in a little way. I am definitely a studs girl and I love simple, chic, and classy earrings and these mini studs are super cute! If I chose to buy this pair they'd only cost me $22.
Next up, the Perry Street eve necklace. I love,love, love a beautiful statement necklace. Spring is just around the corner so this pop of blue with either, yellow, pink or neon green will come together and scream hello spring! If I chose to buy his necklace it would cost $51.
A very fun feature of a subscription with rocksbox is you have the ability to create a wishlist by selecting pieces that you'd like to see in any of your future rocksbox on site or via instagram. If you like what you see put it on your wishlist!
Last but certainly not least the Margaret Elizabeth teardrop bangle in labradorite is simply stunning! The bangle is adjustable and is a $70 buy. This bracelet was an item that I'd chosen during my style survey and so my box was built around it!
Overall my box is fabulous! It definitely speaks to the simple yet elegant fashionista. Life gets busy and I must say that no look is complete without some type of statement jewelry. This statement doesn't necessarily mean that you have to wear earrings, necklace, bracelet, and rings all at once. It simply means that A statement piece is always better than none! Most importantly keep in mind that if you aren't madly in love with your rocksbox set of the month a return shipping label and envelope is provided for simple and easy return shipping. No need to call customer service for a return label. I plan to style this entire set her on the blog soon. Stay fabulous!

18 February 2015


Happy Wednesday! Short and sweet OOTD post here.I'm in the process of re-thinking how I do things here on the blog in addition to planning for upcoming travel for the coming months. Looks like the fam & I (with the exception of one month) will be doing some sort of traveling every month for the next five months. I must say, I like the sound of that. In order to see outside of the box one must travel...must! I am also preparing for our second garage sale. Hopefully this is our last garage sale! I am so loving my home all over again as I declutter and redecorate. I hope to be done and back to normal by mid March. Stay fab!

07 February 2015


Happy Saturday! The weather is gorgeous today, simply beautiful! I love a good sunny sixty degree temp day. I'm making an attempt to play a little catch up on the blog since I was out of commission the majority of the week.
 I've got this new clutch from justfab.com that I just happen to love. You guys know that I am a brand ambassador for justfab therefore I have a lot of fabulous things from justfab. Seems like everyday I am posting at least one justfab item lol!

Seriously though, this clutch is the cutest piece of accessory that I've seen in a while. Spring is all about floral, color pop, and print. I believe I've managed to capture all of this in one look. Haa!

OK so the outfit was a total " I wish I had a striped shirt to wear with this skirt moment." Recently we had hardwood floors installed in the master closet so I've pretty much re-discovered a few things in there that I'd forgotten about. I'd forgotten about this skirt since I haven't worn it since April last year I think.
 After moving a few things back into my closet I had a fashionista ah-ha moment! I took this black and white fit and flair Old Navy dress from maybe two years ago and simply placed my pink flared skirt over it. Viola! I got the look I wanted. There are so many ways to remix your closet...so many.
You just have to be creative with your look. Most importantly don't be afraid to color outside of the lines!  Keep it ridiculously stylish and have a great weekend! Link to clutch below.

06 February 2015


Happy Friday style lovers! Hope you've had a fabulous week! As for me my week was everything but fab! Finally I am feeling better after battling an ugly stomach bug for the last four days. I basically had no other choice but to surrender. Nothing reminds you to slow down more than a vicious little stomach virus. I'm pretty sure it was something that I ate it started Sunday night and went downhill from there but I am back!

So here we are in the month of love and all that other stuff! I am excited to celebrate another year with the hubby. He surprised me with a few gifts after we both agreed to keep it simple and focus on home projects for our anniversy. So I guess that means that I'm a very good wifey! Haa!

I must admit that I am feeling pretty good as I get better organized. My personality just cannot function in disorder. I absolutely must have order...absolutely. I attribute this to the fact that I have pretty much been in control of my life since I moved out at the age of eighteen.

Not only did I move out, I moved out and moved to another state and totally found my independence at a very young age. If you can't already tell, I have to tell you I love life and I truly believe in doing what makes you happy. However only you can determine the measure of happy that you allow in your life. Keep it fab! Look deets below.