15 January 2015


I for one can attest to the fact that it takes a lot of mental triumphs to really get up and get in there. Even making the decision to get back into the gym or go to take a walk can be daunting. I recently ran across a quote or statement rather that stated to put your gym clothes on and then determine whether or not you are going to the gym. Pretty accurate statement, right? Who doesn't want to look cute? I used to be that girl who didn't take gym wear very seriously. That is until I actually started going. With the basic active wear that I had on I felt more than frumpy yet still I didn't want to invest in myself as far as active wear was concerned. Eventually I stopped going to the gym. I totally attribute the inconsistency to the notion that when you look good you feel good. Well, I didn't feel good because I didn't look good. It's inevitable that sweat would happen but sweat and frumpy isn't cute. Not one bit!

This is what I love about the #dontsweatyourpants campaign. Nothing feels better than new clothing. Now until January 31st donate a pair of your old pants to your local SIX:02 store and recieve $10 off of a pair of Under Armour Women bottoms. Your donated pants will go to Goodwill. Fitness for a cause is what I call it and I love it! SIX:02 is located inside of Memorial City Mall in Houston. SIX:02 is also located in New Jersey, Florida, Conneticut, California, and Texas!
Under Armour Women C/O SIX:02

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