25 December 2014


Merry Christmas!! I pray your day was filled with joy, happiness, peace and love. I am very pleased and blessed to have spent Christmas in New York! So what would you do if you arrived late to the airport which typically results in late checked luggage? Late checked luggage means that there is a good chance that your luggage may not make the same flight that you are on and so you guessed it...my luggage did not make it. The thing that was most disappointing about my late luggage was the fact that everyone else's bag with the exception of mine made the flight. Well one of my bags did make the flight (I only had two) but it was the bag I'd packed my coats in. All that I had were my coats, gloves, scarves, and the OOTD on my body! Instead my bag with ALL of my clothing arrived hours later fully intact. When I mention hours later, I mean hooooooours later. So what did I do? Headed straight to H & M (because they are literally on every corner in upper Manhattan) to shop for a quick and simple OOTD just in case I did not see my bag until the next day. Very, very nerve wracking situation. I will never arrive late to the airport again...ever. While shopping in H&M I chose basic colors and simple pieces. Since I wore my red Forever 21 jacket while departing Houston I knew it'd be pretty easy to put a little something together. I like what I found so much that I decided to wear it Wednesday even though my luggage did arrive. I purchased basic black leggings, a printed scarf, and a hi-lo knit sweater. Merry Christmas!

H&M pieces in store

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