12 December 2014


So hows that special little girl or guy in your life that just touches your heart every time that you see them? Has he or she been naughty or nice? Of course every little one has a little bit of naughty and nice in them. If they didn't they wouldn't be a kid. Hello! My CoolKids are a perfectly great balance of nice and naughty. Sometimes more naughty than nice. So I've put together this little list of some of the popular toys for elementary age children with the non-parent in mind. Perhaps you have a niece or nephew, etc that you would like to gift but you can't think of what to get him or her. I will warn that elementary kiddos now a days aren't cheap at all. In fact they are quite the opposite so brace yourself we are now twelve days away from Christmas so here I am with fourteen different gift ideas below. Here goes nothing!Happy holidays!

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