30 December 2014


Hey Style lovers! 2014 has been the official year of affirmations for me. I started to realize many affirmations towards the end of last year and they seemed to have kept coming throughout this year. So with that, I can accurately deem 2014 my year of affirmation and I am so happy about that because healthy growth comes after affirmation.

This year I chose very early in the year to give my children the gift of inspiration and stimulation for Christmas! This summer I advised the hubby that we should spend Christmas in NY! He was on board immediately. Ironically enough the Brand Ambassador meet up for justfab.com was held there this past September ,so lucky me! This time around I truly had the New York experience as we walked everywhere -literally everywhere! We only paid for taxi to and from the airport to the hotel. We roomed at the Sheraton in Times Square. We made use our three day hop on hop off bus tour (the sales guy hooked us up) to get us to the Staten Island Ferry and from there we walked to the Brooklyn Bridge. Other than that we walked. This is where my love for walking, the CoolKids athleticism, and my husbands ex -football player turned coach status totally benefited us. I do not recommend that every family walks the entire city as we did!  I had great experiences with Uber in NY in September.
In-spite of half of my luggage arriving thirteen hours later our moments in NY were quite magical. We were already dressed for the day upon departing Houston so although I only had half of my luggage I was still able to enjoy the rest of the day and our arrival in NY.  After room check-in I simply swapped coats since that bag arrived and we were on our way.

Our Christmas in NY consisted of  lots of walking amongst the city lights, swooning at the window displays on 5th Ave, playing around in FAO Schwarz, visiting the Rockefeller Plaza, checking out the view of Lady Liberty, experiencing Times Square on foot as well as on a double decker bus tour, strolling through central park via horse carriage, plaing around in Toys R Us in Times Square, fun times in the M & M store, and more. The kiddos were captivated by the fact that the city never sleeps and that's totally what I expected! We love traveling! So far we have revisited a few and taken the Cool Kids to Miami, Atlanta, Los Angles, and now New York. Our next trip is pretty much around the corner and we all know what's in Orlando! I can not wait! My goal is to continue to awe-inspire the little boy and girl that I have been blessed with. When they are grown they will know that the world is there for the taking. After all, how can we claim to NOT be small minded but have never left the state that we were born in? Food for thought...travel is necessary!

I totally had  a cliche wannabe moment and had to stop at Magnolia Bakery. Why? Only because it was put on the map by Sex and the City. Ha, I totally wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw when I rented my first apartment at the age of nineteen. The cupcakes are delish but you have to be patient as there will definitely be a line but the staff does a fantastic job at moving that line along. The hubby enjoyed their well known banana pudding and gave it a great review as well. So I recommend a stop at The Magnolia Bakery to fulfill your sweet tooth cravings and if you are looking for total comfort food I recommend Dallas BBQ in Times Square. Hubby and I will definitely be going back there. The food was so good we forgot to take pics! Wishing you a year of self growth, stay fabulous!

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