09 November 2014


So lately I've been thinking about well basically everything! I know thinking...not an easy feat, right?! LOL! Everyone who starts a blog starts their blog with a purpose possibly stemmed from an idea, a passion, a movement, maybe a hobby/project, a voice, career change or whatever! Fact is, everyone starts their blog hoping to achieve something. I started my blog as an extended form of self expression. I started a mommy blog when my son was born and then again when my daughter was born yet I couldn't stick to it. In fact I started In Her Heels in 2012 and made like maybe five post and never came back to it. At that time my blog was named TJS Makes Scuff Marks. Haaaaaa! I know you are thinking....wait, what? OK so the idea behind that name was the fact that I wear heels the majority of the time giving off the facade of perfection to some. I am often asked how or why do I walk in heels all off the time. Of course this question is asked and often accompanied with a smirk of some sort. I often smile and respond with shrugged shoulders "I'm used to it." Then the convo typically ends lol! So the idea behind the "scuff marks" is the fact that I am not perfect. I make scuff marks! As we all know scuff marks are typically made when someone falls, trips or needs to slow down. But the idea doesn't stop there! A scuff mark is also leaving your mark! So with everything that I endure I am sure to leave my mark! I know genius idea, right?  Fast forward to today I am approaching one year of consistently blogging. YES! I am finally getting it right...I think. Anyway, my biggest challenge is time. Oh my goodness timing is everything otherwise I become frustrated and when frustration happens nothing else does. One thing for sure, I am a social media fanatic. Social media and the blogosphere can be very exciting places when used correctly. So here I am sharing my bucket list for twenty fifteen and just a little of my current and past achievements! So far I've achieved the following due to social media and blogging.

Became a Brand Ambassador for Justfab.com, Fabkids.com, & Fabletics.com
Met Kimora Lee Simmons
Attended invite only Brand Ambassador meet up LA
Attended invite only Brand Ambassador meet up NY
Fashion TV segment
Met Nine West PR & marketing staff
Toured Nine West corporate office
Brand collaborations
Met reality TV personalities.

So here's my 2015 blogger bucket list.

  • Upgrade my camera.
  • Learn how to use my upgraded camera.
  • Capture clear upgraded camera pics!
  • Complete more fashion TV segments.
  • Collaborate with fellow style bloggers. 
  • Achieve optimal blog/life balance.
  • Grow into a well known and respected blog.
  • Attend NYFW!
  • Blog while traveling.
  • Collaborate with brands consistently.
  • Become a brand ambassador for more brands.
  • Champion time management.
  • Blog with a cause once a month.
  • Meet more reality TV personalities.
  • Appear on a talk show.
  • Grow my following.
  • Appear in a magazine article.
  • Make a boutique happen.

As 2015 approaches and the year goes on I know that I will add many additions to my bucket list but as for now you get the idea. What's on your blogger bucket list? Keep it stylish!

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