28 November 2014


Yessssss! The holiday season has officially, officially began! If you read the blog then you know that I am an advocate of women supporting women. Women need each other whether we want to admit it or not. Unfortunately some of us women are too proud or miserably unhappy with self to admit such a notion. Chances are you have a BFF or a sister that is not only LOYAL to you but has been there for you during the best and the worst of times. If you have such a relationship in your life then you should consider it to be golden. All relationships need some type of nurturing and what better way to let your BFF or sis know that you cherish the relationship that you guys have by spreading a little holiday cheer. Check out some of my picks below. Product deets available by clicking the pic. Keep your BFF or sis fab! Happy Holidays!

A clutch is always a needed accessory. Find the Isak clutch by justfab.com here.  
A popping lipstick has the ability to brighten any fashionistas day.
  MAC Damn Glamorous pictured.
Candles can be a girls best friend. Hello me time!


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