28 November 2014


It not only is that time of the year for reflection for me personally it's also my birthday time. There is no doubt that I was totally meant to be born during the holiday season. I say this because I love it! I love the holiday season! As my birthday approaches I think about the things to come as well as the the things that have passed. Some may call it the school of adversity, life experiences, triumphs, hard knocks, etc. Whatever you call it, any way you slice it all of these things are life. In hindsight if I'd told my younger self how life, my life in particular was going to go I probably would have just brushed it off in disbelief. If I'd even have attempted to tell myself that the ability to remain genuinely happy can and will be a struggle at times I definitely would have brushed it off in disbelief. I say this because moving out at the age of eighteen, I had my life all mapped out.I knew exactly how my life was going to go BUT life happened. I will honestly say that I've lived about 99.9% of my life in confident bliss regardless of people or circumstance. Anyway, if I could tell my younger self anything the most important advice I would give myself is to live who you are. 100% live in your own truth. Here are 12 other things I would tell my younger self.

1. Stay high spirited even when others mock you or try to dial you down a notch.
2. Take the time to learn who you are, accept you and don't change. 
3. Respect time alone you don't always have to have someone around you. 
4. Stand up for yourself and don't back down.
5. NEVER argue with fools. It's a waste of time & energy.
6. Allow individuals to cancel themselves from your life by showing you who they are.
7. Never waste time trying to prove who you are to individuals who are committed to mislabeling you.
8. What others say about you has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with them.
9. Accountability is always admirable. 
10. Titles are ONLY titles. Look for the person behind the title for they may not exist beyond the title.
11. Most importantly there ARE others who will come into your life and absolutely suck the life out of you. Deal with them and never allow anyone to steal your joy. Intrinsic happiness in life is not easily obtained.
12. Stop explaining yourself to everyone. Everyone will not respect your story or they simply aren't worthy of it.

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