30 October 2014


Yaasss! Tomorrow may be Halloween but I'm already hyped up for the holidays. I'm not a big fan of Halloween but it does serve as the kick off to the Holidays for me. Meaning that after 10/31 passes the focus fully shifts to the holidays everywhere. I love it. There is no mistake that I was born in December. None what so ever! I live for the holidays. The Christmas parties and good cheer. Ahh, I could scream. Seriously I loooove the holidays!! So here I am sharing a few of my fave justfab.com styles for the holidays. I've eyed a few pair of flats because well duh...holiday shopping! I'm pretty sure I will own every pair pictured above because I am a shoe addict and that's what we do!

Starting with my fave! Here we have Justfab.com Hadley. If you are indeed a self proclaimed shoe addict a quick look at Hadley will register the name Aminah Jillil! I've watched those gorgeous pumps from afar for quite sometime. Thing is I haven't splurged on a pair of shoes in basically forever. Handbag yes but not so much in the shoe department. Shoe splurges believe it or not have to come with some type of practicality for me and the Aminah Jillil Bow pumps incorporate every facet of fab-u-lous yet I simply couldn't hand over $215.00 for them to spend 364 days on my shelf BUT for $39.95 I'll take two pair!!

I love the gold color of the Pilara flat. Perfect for the holidays as our hearts are filled with holiday cheer!

Spikes may have nothing to do with the holiday but in my opinion it is the gun metal spike detail that gives Rodgie just enough edgy chic for holiday shopping.

Here we have the gorgeous Darla! Umm OK so this flat pretty much screams holiday.

The caged detail and shimmer of the heeled Katrina holiday sandal is everything. I love how feminine this style shoe is.

Jasleen is the perfect style savvy fashionista open toe embellished bootie! In fact I ordered this hot little number!

I must say that I am not a lace at first sight woman BUT when it's done right I am all over it! I love everything about the Carleigh bootie.

Janice is the ultimate comfy chic flat. Perfect for a day of holiday filled with festivities. 

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