09 October 2014


The "Simple and Modern" fashionista embraces clean lines, sophistication, and print.
Modani Items Pictured above:
Black Phantom Sofa.| Savina Lounge Chair | Barcelo Lamp White| Mosiak Mirror (flipped sideways)| Valor Vase| Pillows:Yellow Pillow, Nagpur Pillow, Bihar Pillow, Das Pillow| 
*C Table & Orchid  pictured are not a Modani product*

If you love fashion than you are most definitely a visual person. Style is not limited to what you wear, it is also incorporated within your personal interior style. I love interior style. This is a niche that has stuck with me since my teenage years. I won't tell you how long that is because of course I'm not going to date myself! Haa! So I was too thrilled when Modani reached out to me and asked that I put together my own personal mood boards inspired by their fabulous furniture of course. Again, I am a visual individual. I am that person that has to see it and when I see it I immediately want others to see what I see! So here I created three different mood boards using the specific pieces that were sent to me via email. Each mood board reflects the interior style of three different fashionistas. Personally, I am all three. I could get comfy in any of these three rooms. So have you ever thought how you would reflect your very own personal style through interior style? In my opinion browsing show room floors in addition to viewing magazine pictures are my sources of inspo. It's amazing how many different ways one single item can be brought to life through an individual's personal style. Modani is not your average furniture store. I've always admired their furniture and decor but some things you've got to see for yourself! Be sure to check a Modani store near you. Reflect your style in everything that you touch! Keep it stylish!! XO

The "Down to Earth" fashionista loves fashion on a earthy level. She embraces nuetral tones with a dash of glam as seen in the sequined pillows of this room. 
Modani Items pictured above: Brown Phantom Sofa| Boden Floor Lamp
Savina Lounge Chair in brown| Savina Stool Brown 
*Zebra Print Floor Rug, Side Tables, Wall Canvas, Vace, and sequined pillows  are not Modani Products*
The "Glamorous Fashionista" likes all things shiny and reflective! As seen in the double mirrors and mirrored side table.
Modani Items pictured above: Draco Cieling Lamp| 808-650 Mirror | Barcelo Lamp White| Silver Stool|Mateo Rug in Pewter|Pink Pillow (3)| HH015 pillow(3)|
 Onyx White Sofa & Amco604 Pillow(4)
 *Mirrored Side Tables, and Audrey Hepburn pic are not Modani Products*

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