01 October 2014


It's hump day! Hope it's a happy and healthy one for you out there! This time last week I was in Dallas, TX pacing the WFAA studio floor getting ready for my first live TV segment! I'm still swooning! So anyway here I am with another "Don't Label Me Pretty" post. I may just make this a little series of mine. I was too excited to collaborate with hicustom.net to create my very own custom "Don't Label Me Pretty" shirt. I love the fact that I can custom design my own shirt. I chose long sleeve because hello, it's fall! The best thing about a custom tee is the fact that you can dress it up or dress it down.

So...most may ask what does she mean by such a statement. Well, let me explain...the statement "Don't Label Me Pretty" is  a direct statement regarding judgement which is perception and the labels that follow. Today I am focusing on women with low self esteem and self love issues. When a woman has a personal issue within her self she will likely label other women. Deeming the other woman with the problem. When indeed the problem is within her own personal issues of confidence and perception. 

It's been noted that half of  an individual's personality comes from their gene pool and the other half has everything to do with life experiences. With that being said once a woman accepts a particular idea about herself this idea of self will play a major impact on her personal level of confidence. Human nature tells us to categorize and label. Labels such as the pretty one, the smart one, the one with the better shape and so on. With that being said whatever the label is, it becomes real and some women will definitely grow accustomed to what they have been labeled as. However, we as women are more than just a label of pretty, smart, and shapely! Often times the labels mentioned associate negatively with other women and will usually result in the "pretty one', 'smart one' or 'shapely one' being attacked before she has had a chance to show who she truly is. 

Fact is, women do compete, and will likely compete fiercely with one another which often results in as mentioned above, personal attacks, actions of passive aggression, be-littling, gossip, or just plain aggression.

The saddest part of all of this is the fact that oftentimes, the person making the attack thinks her motives aren't detectable which leaves her believing that she is inflicting the injury and will not be injured but the aggressor is typically the woman who ends up the most injured because she has the bigger issue. So to sum up my ramblings, labels can be an issue of conflict. If you are that woman that instantly labels other women, I again challenge you to evaluate your self.  Confront the way you label yourself and remove it! Get to know the woman you have labeled and don't forget to check your attitude at the door!  Don't label me pretty, pretty is just a label and I am more than a label! Outfit deets below.

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