08 September 2014


I am so excited to spend a few days in the big apple this week!! YES!!!!! Can you feel my excitement?? Ha ha. So I and three other fabulous ladies will be taking on the city and I must say that this is my first time rooming with other women. I'm typically the gal who prefers her own room but well, you only live once, right? Since there will be four of us with a full itinerary I had to find the most efficient way to ensure that I can achieve fabulousity without the hassle and or stumbling over the other girls. When I travel with my family we typically end up with clothing every where. I used to think it was clever to place all of my shirts in one pile, skirts in another, pants, etc inside of the suitcase. Well so much for organization because my things would just end up all over the place. So with that being a typical habit I knew I had to put an action plan in place. We will be crunched for time and want to soak in as much of the city as possible so I decided to put all of my outfits in ziploc bags. Yes, ziploc bags! You can also use small shopping bags from department stores. I did my shoes the same way. I've packed eight pair!! I found that I have so much space in my luggage with this whole ziploc technique. I have a total of seven full outfits packed in addition to other necessary items. I have room left for a few backup outfits as well. Heehee! All eight pair of shoes are in the bag on the right pictured above but I have room in my small luggage to move the shoes around if my second bag weighs too much. The key to packing your shoes in the bag is to pack the shoe toe to heel very similar to how they are packaged in a shoe box. All I have to do is grab a bag and my outfit of the day is ready. Take a look at the pics of one of my OOTN's below. Each bag contains my entire OOTD with the exception of the shoes.

Luggage: Nine West 

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