12 August 2014


Heeeeey style lovers! I've got a little MIA action going on but for a good reason! As we wind down the summer I am making sure to round up our summer with as much activity as possible. As we all know it's back to school time. Soon everyone will be flooding your feeds with back to school pics of their loved ones! Don't you just love it! Heehee! Every year I take a couple of days to purge my children's closet of clothing and shoes that no longer fit. It takes me a few days because I go through every piece while my kiddos make sure to express their dissatisfaction with every article of clothing that that they are forced to try on. I find this very necessary because children grow so fast and one, just one of my pet peeves is seeing children in too little clothing. It seriously annoys me! Not placing judgment at all because for some that is all that they have. My children are blessed; we are blessed to actually have the ability to shop for new school clothing at all! After purging their strategically organized closets I pack bags of clothing for donation, hand me downs, and then I sell some! I remind them everyday how blessed they are. One thing for sure my children will know what it means to remain humble and to stay grounded. So be on he look out for these CoolKids of mine that I mention as they display their style on the blog throughout the year! 

Regarding my style, I just love the patched denim trend! Emphasis on trend as this look is definitely just that. I consider myself to be more stylish versus trendy but occasionally I jump on the bandwagon of the latest trends! Paired with the Elektra booties from justfab.com released this month I strutted my edgy look into the movie theater with pure confidence in the patched denim skinnys also released this month from justfab.com! Haa! The fact that the patch is faux leather made these babies a must have for me! As for the movie, I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy it was an awesome movie to enjoy with my kiddos!Outfit deets below!

Muscle Tee from Forever 21 -summer 2013 (shop similar here)| Patched Denim Skinnys C/O justfab.com (shop them here) | Elektra Booties C/O justfab.com (shop them here)

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