21 August 2014

5th Annual reNew & reDux Fashion Show

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the 5th Annual reNew & reDux Fashion Show held at the spectacular Wortham Center. I often think back to when I was a child attending the Nutcracker ballet at the Wortham Center. I was pretty much mesmerized every time I attended the ballet. Any how, the reNew & reDux Fashion Show featured both men and women looks from

an array of donated high end designer clothing. The show featured looks appropriate for every season. My absolute favorite were the fall looks. I actually snapped more pics of the fall looks. There is just something to be said about a fierce or bold or fierce and bold (LOL) coat! As I watched the community of men and women modeling the clothing I had to keep reminding myself that the clothing was indeed re-sale items all benefiting the Womens Home Houston. Fashion for a cause or fashion with a purpose is how I refer to it. You see, fashion isn't always shallow! I have to say that it is simply amazing to see how a different pair of eyes can result in the revival of what may have once been deemed old. I viewed many looks that I would wear. I actually gasped at a few of the coats and color combinations created. Some I will be trying this fall! I also took the time to browse the "pop-up" boutique set up at the event. Guests were able to shop high end designer clothing at discounted prices prior to and post show. I took part in the VIP showing and within approximately five minutes I viewed two dresses in my size but unfortunately I decided to pass as I've done a lot of shopping this month for my CoolKids (wink)! While I missed a few really cute looks due to live tweeting and facebooking I still have a mental note of many in my mind. All non-purchased items are returned to The Cottage Shop located in the Montrose area of Houston and are available for sale. Feel free to take a look see at some of my pics here. Also feel free to view the entire album on my Facebook page here

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