06 July 2014


The release of the summer issue of The Young Houston Magazine presented quite an exciting night. The ambiance of the event as guest arrived was a classy, contemporary scene with a touch of urban flare. As I took a seat and observed the scene my ears were greeted with the always welcomed tunes of Michael Jackson! I particularly recall one of my very favorite songs by MJ which is Butterflies; love that song. This song never gets old and in my opinion set the tone as guest arrived and waited. 
The Young Houston Magazine gala for the release of the summer 2014 edition featured local talents from the Houston area spanning from musicians, poetic individuals, artist, fashion designers, models, editors, music producers, fashionistas, graphic designers, bloggers like me, etc. 

(Pictured Above: Local Christian Rapper I am Justified)
President as well as founder Mr. William Ntim and Co-founder Cashayla Bates (pictured above) who later awarded their staff, welcomed guest, encouraged networking and concluded their introduction with expression to the audience on how nice everyone looked.

During intermission all guest in attendance enjoyed the ability to network, partake in light bites as well as experience the taste of an all natural "neon" energy drink. Prior to intermission, Dakota Rea, displayed the drinks actual ability to glow in the dark by dimming the lights and utilizing a neon light as he poured the energy drink into a clear cup. Very much so like the lights in some night clubs and lounges. While it was very visually stimulating to actually view the drinks ability to glow in the dark, it was quite intimidating at the same time. I totally see this energy drink being all the rage at an epic celebration or party. 
Shortly after intermission, artist T' Mculus revealed beautiful portraits of his work(pictured above). Below is an actual painting of a gentlemen who I presume to be a videographer and poet.

The summer edition of The Young Houston Magazine features dual front covers with the main cover in 3D. The "flip side" of the cover features artist T'Mculus and Miss Earth Houston.
Overall, the night boasted a variety of local Houston talent who I thoroughly enjoyed. Due to time constraints I departed from the event prior to the fashion display. Nonetheless, the night was classic and I look forward to the next release. 

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