30 July 2014


It's hump daay! In my best camel Geico commercial voice. Haaaa! So it's been quite an eventful week for me. Lot's of ups and downs. One thing for sure it is hot, extremely hot!! I can't stand it, omg!! However, being the southern girl that I am [laugh out loud] this is isn't my first 100+ degree weather rodeo. I inserted laugh out loud because I really don't consider myself to be southern at all. Seriously, besides the fact that I may belt out the occasional "y'all." After all, Texas is considered southwest. Many do not know this. Heck, I get confused at times. This is why being referred to as a southern girl pretty much makes me laugh. If anything consider many of us Texas natives to be south westiners'! Heee, I just made up a word.

Any way, enough with my ranting. Let's talk a little about style. I was pretty excited when I learned about LookBookstore.com I did get a little overwhelmed while browsing the pages online trying to choose the perfect pieces of clothing. Everything is so cute! Finally, I landed on this cute little number of a crochet top! The Cut Out Crochet top from Lookbook Store.com is the prefect blend of summer comfort in a shirt! I have to be real and state the fact that I love, love, love the way it is styled on site. In fact, I loved it so much I decided to re-create it myself. Actually, I did two different looks just to reiterate how cute and versatile this top is. It can be dressed up or dressed down. I had to add what I refer to as my sun hat. I have a few of them. In Texas hats like these are not just accessories they are necessities. Fact is, sun hats make any outfit look southern! Back to the crotchet top, I styled it to be worn to the office or for a casual date look. I will leave you with a little word to the wise. If you are a C plus cup size it may be best to order a size up. I am wearing a US size 6. Keep it fab, style lovers!

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