21 June 2014


Happy first day of summer! Summer means hotter temps, duh! So with that being said the hot temps typically mean extra motivation to get physical. I will be the first to admit that I have a serious chocolate problem. It's major! Also, I tend to let my emotions get in the way of my gym flow consistency. A bad mood could mean a serious break in my motivation. I'm working on that. Personally, I've never really struggled with my weight. The first time that I experienced the need to lose weight wasn't until I gave birth to my first born. I managed to pack on a whole eighty pounds from five months of pregnancy until I gave birth. Until I hit the five month mark I'd failed to gain any weight. Then the weight came at me like a freight train with bad breaks. Before I knew it I weighed in at two hundred pounds upon giving birth. This was a total shock to me having weighed 125 at my heaviest prior to being with child. It took me about a eighteen months to get the weight off minus ten pounds. I remained ten pounds heavier than before which is simply due to the fact that I'd stopped pushing. I repeated the exact same pattern  with my daughter. So after giving birth to two heavy babies I managed to maintain a weight twenty pounds heavier than I'd ever been. Each child left me ten pounds heavier!! Fast forward to school, work and other obligations I managed to gain another ten. OMG! As for those who say that after a number of years it's no longer considered baby weight, I say that's a lie. Especially if you gave birth to eight and nine pound babies! The extra ten pounds that my kiddos left me with came from having carried and giving birth to them. The ten pounds I gained while juggling school and work is totally on me. My goal this year is to seriously lose the twenty pounds of pregnancy gained weight that I never lost and the ten pounds of school work weight that I easily put on from trying maintain and juggle far too many hats. 
Phew, with all of that being said, I am so glad to have the perfect brand of durable and fashionable athletic attire. I can't get enough of fabletis.com I am wearing the soutenu three piece set here. Underneath my camo bra I am wearing a danskin cupped t-back bra. I often post my fabletics gear on my instagram @tjsinherheels. The compression pants are the best work out pants ever they literally hug your body with a good amount of stretch at the same time. Feel free to follow my invite and receive 50% off of your first offer. Have a great weekend fabulous!

This look: 
Fabletics Soutenu (still available her in limited quantity)
Top: Forward Tee
Sports Bra: Doon Sports Bra
Bottoms: Camacan Capri

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