19 May 2014


Truth is, love at first site is usually followed by a quick dose of remorse when it comes to me.
This is because I am slightly impulsive. Blame it on my type A personality! So I first viewed this dress at sheinside.com in March and of course, I instantly had to have it. I wanted it bad as this dress is everything that I am, bold, confusing, and colorful! Heehee! Yet once it arrived I was very excited but then I quickly got over it. The day I tried it on was one of those days that us girls have from time to time. I hated the way this dress looked on me. In fact, I hated it so much that I hung it on my clothes rack, took, pictures of it and opened a poshmark account. I was about to sell this baby since I didn't want to pay the shipping to return it. So this weekend I set a personal goal to become a more organized individual. I am already highly organized however, somethings in terms of organization have taken a back seat. So with this personal goal in mind as I was about to finally set up shop in poshmark I decided to give this dress one more shot. After all this dress was NOT going to defeat me (yep type A personality)! Well this just goes to show how a woman's mood and clothes have to match at that particular moment. This is why we often times have "nothing to wear." After trying this dress on again I fell in love again...lol! The hubby loves it too! In retrospect just typing this up, boy am I glad that I am a woman, I commend all patient husbands across the board! Any-who this dress is such a work of art I felt the only way to do it justice was to pair it with a bold pair of shoes. So I paired this dress with Rynter from justfab.com. Happy Monday! 

Dress: Sheinside.com (shop it here) | Heels: justfab.com (shop them here) 

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