01 May 2014


Yesterday was such a gorgeous day! A perfect 75 degree temp accompanied by pure radiant sunshine.
As mentioned before I spent a little time at the swanky Cake Walk Style Shop boutique. This retail establishment adorned with colorful decor and light bites presented both a welcoming and airy environment. 

Kelly Bensimon, reality show personality from the real housewives of New York spoke about her new fragrance "In the Spirit of " I adore her fragrance as it truly smells like a fresh bouquet of flowers. The scent is just perfect for spring and it stayed with me as I drove back across town to pick my little ones up from school. I must admit, I kept sniffing my wrist just to assure myself this was the fragrance I indeed was smelling. The hubs so kindly adorned my car with lovely glade air fresheners around last week or so, so I wanted to be sure that the scent I was smelling in the air was indeed the fragrance "in the spirit of" and it was!

Kelly mentioned that the creation of her fragrance was born through a moment of experimental fun with various scents and thus her scent was birth! Kelly mentioned how much she likes the honey suckle, carnation, and the vanilla scent. She spoke on the fact that certain scents can indeed trigger special memories. I totally agree! Kelly presented such a warm and welcoming spirit as I and a couple of bloggers chatted for quite a bit covering topics about her daughters impending sweet sixteen, a little talk about the Real Housewives of New York, some chatting about the Hamptons, and her book " I Can Make You Hot." Kelly doesn't mind sharing her secrets!

Surprisingly, this was Kelly's first trip to Houston and she praised the museum district. I do believe that she stated she has an Inside Edition segment today but other than that she presented a very warm spirit and took the time to answer many questions. It's always an awesome experience to meet the personality behind the reality television persona! Overall my time yesterday was very well spent. Truly a memorable moment in time.

Additional photos of Kelly below. Photo credit: Kennon Evett

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