24 March 2014


Coming from a place of intangible sales I will always stand by my very own personal thoughts regarding a product. Plain and simple, it’s the people behind the brand!
I absolutely love being a brand ambassador for Justfab, Fabkids, and now Fabletics! The people behind these brands are simply amazing and fabulous! Having said that, I feel exactly the same about the marketing and PR team of Nine West. I met them last Thursday at the Nine West Instyle Launch party.  If you follow Nine West on any of their social outlets you've seen their pink shoe closet. When I first laid eyes on the pic I was like oh-la-la! It was so vibrant, different and pretty. It was popping…color popping! I was already inspired by a fellow fabshionista to utilize closet maid storage cubes to store my shoes but I began to dream of a fuchsia pink back draft after seeing it on Nine West’s Instagram page. The closet was beautiful and just perfect. I love pink, absolutely love pink but I never thought to incorporate the color on my shoe wall. I knew that I would use pink in my room as an accent color but oh when I saw their closet! After I saw the pic on instagram the second time I was 100% a believer! So you've seen the results of my glam room as I posted about it approximately four weeks ago but I never mentioned in that post where I got the idea of the pink shoe wall.

As I was  trying on shoes in the Nine West store I glanced over at the shoe wall pic located on the right wall of the store upon walking in and it dawned on me to let the Nine West team know how they inspired me. What I didn't realize is the clever woman who birth the campaign was a part of the team in the store that evening. I showed the ladies a pic of my shoe wall and just simply wanted to thank them for the inspo. Their response was beyond anything I would have imagined! I learned a few things about what it took for the campaign to come to fruition.  

I took a couple pics with the beautiful woman behind the fab pink closet campaign and surprisingly I was adorned with a one hundred dollar Nine West gift card!! I had just snagged the beautiful Gamin from the Nine West Instyle collection so the gift card and conversing with the ladies was a win, win, win! I was so happy I hugged as many of them that I could before I left. The marketing director handed me two of her cards to email a pic of my shoe wall with me in it! So exciting! I did just that and also sent a text pic of my wall while in the store! The pics I sent are below. The PR and marketing team absolutely made my night and I've already done damage with the gift card I was given! 

So some of the hots spots that I've traveled to are Atlanta, GA; Miami, FL; and Los Angeles but I haven't made it to the big apple yet but when I do I hope to visit with the fabulous team of Nine West again! In a nutshell my night was absolutely amazing to say the least and the people, the people behind the brand made it the most memorable!! I sent the pics below! Have a fab week!

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