26 January 2014

TOO MANY SHOES FOR ONLY TWO FEET...nah, I don't don't think so.

 Yay!!! I am beyond ecstatic about my new shoe wall and I want to be sure to pay homage to a fellow fashionista who inspired me! Airie whose blog is fashiontoliveflstyle.blogspot.com posted a video on her blog about her shoe organization and right then and there I had a hallelujah moment. 

My master closet has been suffering for months. My hubby installed additional shelving in the closet for me last year, but well that was only a temporary fix. So just as mentioned in fashiontoliveflstyle.blogspot.com's blog post I shopped Target, Wal-Mart, and Lowes for comparative  pricing on the closet maid cubes. The pricing at Target is $39.99, Wal-Mart $39.98,and Lowes $44.97. As I stated in the video above, I ended up purchasing at Lowes because I receive a discount there so the pricing difference actually turned out to be very minimal.

With a total of six nine cube organization shelves I have full storage for a total of 126 pairs of shoes - this includes my shoes on top of the shelving. Keep in mind that the key to storing two pair per cube is in the setting of the shoe. Be sure to place the left shoe facing backward while the right shoe will face forward. I do believe that I currently own a total of 176 pairs of shoes. This calculation includes flats, sandals, flip flops, and sneakers.

Also, I store my boots and booties in the closet in that room. I actually have a door hanging rack made specifically for tall boots. I purchased it last year at Bed Bath & Beyond . For 19.99, it will hold six pair of boots. I must say that if you have the room to organize your shoes…DO IT! Last night, I totally found shoes that I forgot I had. A shame, right? Seriously with this type of cubing and display your shoe wall will look both classy and fabulous!

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