22 January 2014


Dressing for the office is or at least can be so much fun! The days of the boring boardroom attire…well they aren't gone but let’s just say that the office attire conscience has broadened her mind!

By incorporating your own fashion sense such as prints, and color pop you are embracing the office chic fashionista that you are! By remixing the clothes that you already have in your closet you can incorporate the fashionista that lives inside of you waiting to make her debut. The key to maximizing your wardrobe is to ensure that you have the essentials such as well-fitting button- downs, dark slacks, blazers, wrap dresses, pencil skirts, cami's and pumps. 
Many offices have chosen to fully embrace the office casual attire. The environment that you are in totally determines what office appropriate is. In this look I pulled everything out of my closet except for the shoes; they are a recent purchase from gojane.com. The blazer has been in my closet since the year 2006 and is one of my favorite thrift finds ever! I am also wearing your typical black camisole, and a pencil skirt from New York & Company which I purchased just about one year ago if my memory serves me well. My statement necklace is from justfab.com and is a purchase from early last year.
So as you can see I pulled the majority of this look right out of my closet. The statement necklace is the piece that pulls the chic look together in my opinion. I will be bringing more office looks here on the blog right from my closet. No need to spend your entire check on your wardrobe!

Blazer:Thrifted| Camisole: Uncategorized| Pencil Skirt: New York & Company| Shoes: Gojane.com  


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