06 January 2014

Styled By TJS - The Lower End Model Apartment

Finally, I am done with the model apartment décor project that I've mentioned a few times here. I can’t say enough how much I love décor and making things beautiful. I simply love to style! I took on this project with the purpose of establishing a fabulous look for less. Having done so this project was a win, win for both the apartment community first and then myself. Bottom line, the apartment community saved lots of money while this project consumed a lot of my time and energy. Yet, the best thing about the completion of this project is the fact that I was able to do what I love and that is styling a home

Many have asked me to help them to do a room or two for them personally and sometimes I have, other times I have not. Totally depends on the situation. I prefer to keep any work that I do strictly professional. That’s simply a best practice of mine. This total look was put together for approximately $3500.00 and every piece is all their own. This is a staged model apartment for an indefinite time of presentation. The $3500.00 total does not include my fee. To achieve this look, I shopped various stores in person and online.

The pieces that I picked were based solely off of a conversation with some of the staff on color. Quite frankly, they weren't sure what they were looking for except for the color and that color was described as a color within the copper family thus I went with that and as you can see the results are in! I must note that I had no help with this décor project in terms of styling this place. I have to give major props to my hubby for completing ALL of the manual labor for me. This man always comes through; he is never second best! The best way that I can describe the transition of this apartment is from shabby to chic…seriously. 

Though I do not have many, take a look at the before pics below. This apartment was completely empty, dark and cold. The community is located within the spring branch area of Houston, Texas where many of the residential apartment communities leave a lot to be desired. Therefore establishing a model apartment is ideal from a marketing standpoint. I must note that I had a few more décor details in mind for the bedroom and the media wall; however there were some abrupt changes as this model neared completion that somewhat interrupted my flow.  However, do keep in mind that the object of a model apartment is to show both spacing and styling ability. 

Over all, I had a fabulous time completing this project and I am so excited for my next apartment/home decorating and or staging opportunity in the Houston area! Feel free to contact me for any staging or décor looks for less!!  

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