21 December 2013

Fashionista's Let's Talk Bums!

This is a sponsored post written by yours truly on behalf of cottonelle!
Ok, so if you are as much of fashion addict as I am than I am sure that you can attest that keeping up with the current fashion& beauty trends in addition to other obligations can be pretty time consuming! Am I right? Not to mention if you have cool kids in your life to style. Haa! So what about those days when you are a fashionista on the go leaving nothing to be sacrificed? You've got your beauty bag and possibly a change of shoes on deck, right? You know those days when you’re traveling around town meeting deadlines, running errands and or attending meetings. You may simply be traveling out of town with your shoe game on point of course!

Better yet, let me paint a picture for you. My day starts long before everyone in my home wakes up even the maltipoo! I have my morning routine set yet it is often taken off balance by one of the kiddos having had a nightmare, the puppy whimpering for me, etc.  However, I never, I just can’t, sacrifice the fashionista inside of me [insert vanity here]. Yeah, I said it! So with that being said two staple pieces to my every day or every other day hand bag switch ups are my beauty bag and toiletry bag. Seriously, what is beauty without feeling fresh all day? I always have these two bags pre-packed and ready to go!

So I am sure that many of us have at least one product that we absolutely cannot live without as a day in the life of a fashionista!  I’m talking about products ranging from your must have lipstick to the oh so taboo ‘that’s none of your business’ products! Mmm, hmm! So with that being said let’s take a minute to talk bums. The word bum just sounds so much classier! I love how Cherry Healey spoke so candid yet elegantly to several guest at a wedding about bums. Having recently attended one myself the night can become long after the wedding ceremony has commenced. Of course I wore an LBD as pictured above. Anyhow, there are pictures and the ever so awaited reception so what better a place to have your cottonelle wipes on deck. After eating then dancing the fashionista inside of you may find the cottonelle wipes to be a life saver indeed! The sleek design of the wipes for your bathroom is simple and durable. I love the fact that these flushable wipes come in a discrete travel pack which fits nicely inside of my toiletries bag! So there you have it, we’ve talked about bums only the way a fashionista can! Don't be ashamed to carry your essentials! You should seriously check out the youtube video with Cherry Healey. I love it!!


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