25 November 2013

Cool Kid Style -Faux Leather Prints & Neon!

Fall is officially here and in full swing on the gulf coast! Its drizzling and cold outside so when we get this type of weather we have to take advantage of it. It sure beats 100 degree weather any day!Faux leather prints and neons are all the rage for my kiddos this fall. They were looking and feeling super cool rocking their Fabkids wear!If I had to tell a friend about Fabkids I would let them know that they can find some of the coolest, stylish and trendy clothing with Fabkids and I’m pretty sure that many would agree!

I decided to add the striped play leggings from Fabkids to my daughter's outfit to keep her warm and it came out super cute! This is what I love about many of the pieces with Fabkids; they coincide with one another! She chose the boots for this look and I have to say that I love her style!!

Grunge Guitar Jeans Outfit
Raglan Hoodie
Loose Taper Denim
Sneakers from H&M


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